Saturday, 26 June 2010

How to Choose a Wedding Dress

Things You'll Need:

  • Wedding Gowns 
• Step 1
Cut out pictures from bridal and fashion magazines, shop online and look at old family photos to zero in on your preferred style.
• Step 2
Ask friends and family for references on dressmakers and designers if you are having the dress made
• Step 3
Bring a friend whose opinion you trust to shop with you at bridal stores. Include your mother if appropriate.
• Step 4
Bring shoes with the same size heel you expect to wear at the wedding.
• Step 5
Look through gowns on the rack and attend trunk shows. You could save a lot of money.
• Step 6
Try on a variety of dresses.
• Step 7
Discuss alteration charges with the salon, once you choose your dress.
• Step 8
Allow six months for dressmaking, if the dress is being made for you.
• Step 9
Be ready to pay about 50 percent of the cost of the dress as a deposit.
• Step 10
Take home a fabric swatch to match with your shoes, veil and accessories

Tips & Warnings
  • Avoid taking too many friends shopping with you. They might never agree on the same dress, and you might end up confused and frustrated.
  • Expect to pay $1,500 to $5,000-plus for a dress from a designer.
  • Alterations on a store-bought dress usually run about $200.
  • If the dress is being made, give the salon a wedding date that is two weeks before the actual wedding. This trick will ensure that the dress will be ready in plenty of time.
  • When asked to make a deposit on a dress, inquire about deposit refunds. Most deposits are not refundable.
  • Avoid being talked into buying a dress that costs more than you can afford.

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