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How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Here is how you can keep your girlfriend happy.

  1. Always be a gentleman. Hold doors open for her, be polite and be helpful.
  2. Know her favorite song and listen to her type of music, then share what you think about it.
  3. Learn to love what she does.
  4. Tell her that she's on your mind from the time you awaken until bedtime.
  5. Tell her you love her, but not too often. It loses its luster if you overuse it.
  6. Make sure you mean it whenever you tell her that you love her.
  7. Make her happy by buying her gifts, but know what she likes beforehand. Jewelery is a great choice but don't be offended if she doesn't wear it all the time.
  8. Ask her if she's cold when it's cold out. Have a jacket or a coat handy so you can give it to her.
  9. Go out somewhere and have some fun. Some good places to go are movies, restaurants, and other relaxing locations.
  10. Let her out of the kitchen once in a while. Just kidding.
  11. Never ignore her and just walk off with your friends. It's rude to do that. If she does it to you, wait a minute for her to return to you, and if she doesn't, go talk to your friends.
  12. Hold her hand at the movies or when you're walking. Girls love that.
  13. Before you kiss her, take a breath mint.
  14. Move the relationship at a pace you're both comfortable with. If you don't match up, try to compromise. If that doesn't work out, politely find someone else.
  15. Make a good impression on her parents. Even if she doesn't like them, they can be your greatest allies in the long run.
  16. Become friends with her friends. It gives you more things in common with your girl. Eventually, her friends will love you, and that's a definite turn-on for your girlfriend.
  17. Walk her to classes if you go to the same school. When you walk her, carry her books, even if she isn't struggling. Some girls won't let you, though. If she denies a few times, let it go and don't push.
  18. When you listen to your iPod around her, share an ear with her. This way, you'll be closer because the cord is short and you'll have an excuse to hold her hand or put your arm around her.
  19. Don't be too shy. There are times and places that are appropriate to be shy, like kissing in public. Don't be too shy to put your arm around her or hold her hand, because you shouldn't be ashamed to have some public displays of affection.
  20. Kiss something other than her lips, like her hand, her forehead or her cheek. Anything like that will definitely put a smile on her face.
  21. If you know she has a good sense of humour, learn a new joke every day and tell it to her. If she appreciates a good-sensed joke, don't be afraid to share. Just make sure it doesn't offend her.
  22. Be confident. Be proud of who you are, and being her boyfriend. Giving nice comments always makes a girls day, just not too many.
  23. Make her a mixed CD of her favorite songs. It shows that you pay attention to the things she likes and you appreciate her style of music. If you don't know her favorite songs, buddy up with her best friend and ask for some help.
  24. Get her something just because you care for her.
  25. Always respect her and always be willing to help her.
  26. Don't go too fast into the relationship. Take it nice and slow, but not too slow.
  27. Ask her what she would like to do sometimes.
  28. Make sure to actually do things for her. Everyone knows to open doors for her, but nobody seems to help her clean, make food for her, and other things like that. She does it for you, why not do it for her too?
  29. Let her know that you are the one that she can talk to about anything! Be there for her through thick and thin. She will feel comfortable with you and trust you.
  30. Write her love notes. When writing notes, try to make them cute and show her that you care. Writing notes is a great way to show her that you are spontaneous and romantic.
  31. Tell her that your lucky that you found her. She loves it when you say it.
  32. Never tell her that you hate her beloved friends.
  33. Never tell her that you don't like the things she does.
  34. Always give her a smile, that will cheer her up.
  35. Never EVER give her things that are malicious, that will make her think that your a maniac.
  36. If you want her to be yours forever, always help her out, never leave her side, and most likely never ever turn your back on her.
  37. If budget permits, book the occassional weekend away. Every woman loves a bit of alone time with her partner.
  38. If she's been at home in the day looking after your child/children and you come in from work, help her out! She knows you've been at work, but there isn't a job in the world as demanding as looking after Children :).

  • Love her to death.
  • Don't flirt with her friends because she will get mad and it's wrong.
  • Don't give her too many gifts or she will think you are trying to buy her love.
  • Don't say sorry all the time.
  • Don't let her blame herself for everything. Take some responsibility.
  • Don't make-out with her in front of her friends, this will make the friends mad at her and you, which is never good for either one of you
  • Be yourself.
  • Always pay attention to details ,try to understand what she likes the most

  • Don't say or do anything that will offend her or hurt her.
  • Whatever you do, never offend her friends because more than likely, it will cause an argument and trouble will be started.
  • Don't cause an argument that isn't necessary. This can sometimes lead to bad trouble.
  • Don't be annoying.
  • Don't expect your tea on the table when you get home. It's more likely to be going over your head.

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