Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Getting Over a Long Term Relationship

PhotobucketHow do you recover emotionally and mentally from a long term relationship? This question puzzles the minds of many young teens whom are trying to make it ‘through the rain’ after having their hearts broken by someone who they thought they would be with forever. Trying to cope with the idea that you’re no longer in a relationship can take a negative toll on anyone. For example, you may loose sleep, become depressed, stop eating, and want to be by yourself for a while. All of these are examples of withdrawal occur after you and your significant other have broken up completely with no hope of…

getting back together. Breaking up is one step in getting over the other person but fully dealing and coping with them not being in your life involves some pretty heavy emotions. It can be devastating. The saying that time will heal all wounds can be effective as long as you know deep in your heart that everything will be okay and that you will make it…even when you think it is impossible.

There are many ways in which you can get over a long term relationship. Check out some things that Photobucketyou can do to heal from a broken heart:

  • Receive positive support from relatives or friends
  • Get involved in activities
  • Rearrange your environment so you are not constantly reminded of memories you had with the other person. Get rid of pictures or his comfy sweater that you always wear to bed.

Taking the next step forward on forgetting about the past includes focusing on the positive side of things. It includes getting to know yourself better and what qualities you are looking for in a successful relationship. Getting over someone you really love will take some time, but remember, a lost love brings you closer to the RIGHT love.

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