Thursday, 11 June 2009

Portable RenameMaestro v2.5.1

"RenameMaestro - The quick and easy way to rename files and folders."
Edit By BS Editor: RenameMaestro - The quick and easy way to Rename Files and folders. Make incremental changes to get your desired result. Photographers love the 'magic numbering' option that keeps photos in order. System administrators can save multiple actions once but use them repeatedly. RenameMaestro has a powerful find and replace action, using wildcards like * and ?

Every renaming action you create shows you an immediate preview. This means that you can see exactly how the names or file extensions will look before you rename them. RenameMaestro will never rename your files until you hit the 'Rename!' button.

With RenameMaestro the actions start and end exactly where you want, when you need them.

* Use the 'Easy Rename' action to create numbered files quickly.
* Find and replace text using familiar wildcards like * and ?
* Add dates and times in your chosen format, even increasing over time.
* Add numbers which increment and decrement to your specification.
* RenameMaestro even lets you add incrementing letters in the same way.
* Delete all or some of the text in file and folder names and extensions.
* Add any free form text with ease.
* Change the case (aka CAPITALS or non-capitals) in a variety of ways.

RenameMaestro automatically applies each new action that you specify for files and folders to the last action. This means you make complex alterations quickly and easily. No matter how difficult or convoluted the renaming task, just add as many actions as you need, step by step.

Rename different files and folders in the same way repeatedly by simply exporting your actions to a file. Then just import and reuse them again and again whenever you like.

You can rename thousands of files and folders in One Click, with as simple or complex renaming requirements as you need.

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